Minor Major Seventh Guitar Chords

Moveable Minor Major7 Chord Forms

Minor Major Seventh Chords, shortened to “m Maj7”, are played by adding the major 7th note (one half step down from the root’s octave) of the major scale to a minor triad, or chord.

Minor Major 7 Chord Formula
1 + 3♭ + 5 + 7

Examples of moveable minor major7 chords with the root note on the Low E (6th) string.

Root on 6th String

A Minor Major 7 Guitar Chord on 6th String

Am Maj7

Root on 5th String

C Minor Major 7 Guitar Chord on 6th String

Cm Maj7

Root on 4th String

E Minor Major 7 Maj7 Guitar Chord on 4th String

Em Maj7

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Minor major 7th chords are used commonly as passing chords, and don’t necessarily have a sad or happy sound.