Guitar Lessons - Learn to Play Guitar

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Basic lessons and information for anyone new to playing guitar.

For most guitar lessons you will need to know how to read guitar tabs, chord diagrams or scale diagrams.

Guitar Chord Lessons

Learn different guitar chord forms and voicings used in songs of all genres of music.

Power chords, barre chords, open chords and more. You can also use the notes from these chords to play arpeggios on guitar.

Guitar Scale Lessons

Learn different types of scales for guitar. Guitar scales are key to playing riffs, melodies and solos.

These are usually played in lead guitar over corresponding or complimentary guitar chords. Practicing your scales is also a good guitar warm up to help your finger dexterity.

More Guitar Lessons

An assortment of guitar lessons going beyond the basics.

Get a better understanding of guitar chords with keys and chord progressions to start playing and writing songs.

Guitar Chord Keys

A key is a musical term for a group of chords whose root notes form the major scale. A key is like a family of chords used in songs.

Guitar Chord Progressions

Guitar chord progressions use different combinations of guitar chords from the same key to create a song structure.

The 12 Bar Blues

The 12 bar blues uses a popular chord progression heard frequently in blues and rock songs, the I-IV-V chord progression.

Blues Guitar Turnarounds

Blues turnarounds are typically played within the last bars of a chord progression and "turnaround" the progression back to the starting chord.

Double Stops

Double stops are used in various styles of guitar playing including the blues, rock, country, metal, and more.

Guitar Warm Up Exercises

Guitar warm up exercises to build finger dexterity and get the fingers and hand muscles ready to play chords or scales more efficiently.

How to Get the Best Tone from Your Guitar Amp

Finding the best sound or tone is an on going process and depends a lot on the type of music you want to play.

Alternate Guitar Tunings

Alternate tunings give guitarists a fresh perspective on different chord voicings not usually played in standard or other tunings.