Dominant Seventh Guitar Chords

Dominant Seventh Chords are popular in blues music because of their naturally bluesy sound.

Dominant Seventh Chords are played by adding the flat 7th note (one full step down from the octave) of the scale to a major triad or chord, and are commonly referred to by their root note and the number 7.

Dominant 7 Chord Formula = 1 + 3 + 5 + 7♭

Moveable Dominant 7 (dom7) Chord Forms

These chord forms can be moved up and down the neck to play any major7 chord.

Root on 6th String

G7 Guitar Chord on 6th String


Root on 5th String

C7 Guitar Chord on 5th String


Root on 4th String

B7 Guitar Chord on 4th String


Examples of Dominant Seventh chords with the roots on the Low E (6th) string.

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