Guitar Scales - The Blues Scale

The Blues Scale is an extension of the Minor Pentatonic Scale adding the 5♭ note of the scale.

This added note is often referred to as the "blue note". The 5♭ note, or blue note, adds tension to the sound of the blues scale, and is very popular in blues music, hence the name.

Click on a Tab to View the Blues Scale for Each Root Note


The Blues Scale uses the 1, 3♭, 4, 5♭, 5 and 7♭ notes of a scale.

The diagram below shows the 5 Blues Scale Patterns spread over the length of the guitar neck. Notice how the patterns overlap and connect to eachother down the guitar neck.

The diagram below show the Blues Scale in the key of F.

blues guitar scale diagram

Blues Scale Guitar Tabs for the 5 blues scale patterns.

The Major Blues Scale