Guitar Chords - Open Chords

Open chords are guitar chords that use at least one open string on the guitar, meaning one or more strings are played without being fretted.

The open position, refers to the first few frets where Open Chords are able to be played. The guitar chord diagrams below are basic major and minor open chord forms. The strings that are played open are shown with a "O" at the top of the guitar chord diagram. An "X" in the chord diagram shows which strings are not played or muted.

Major Open Chords

Major Open chords for guitar in standard tuning. Major Chords are identified by their root note as shown below.

C major Open Guitar Chord D major Open Guitar Chord E major Open Guitar Chord G major Open Guitar Chord A major Open Guitar Chord

Minor Open Chords

Minor Open chords for guitar in standard tuning. Minor Chords are often identified with their root note next to a lower case "m".

C minor Open Guitar Chord D minor Open Guitar Chord E minor Open Guitar Chord A minor Open Guitar Chord