Major Seventh Guitar Chords

Moveable Major7 (Maj7) Chord Forms

Major 7 chords are played by adding the major 7th note (one half step down from the octave) of the scale to a major triad or chord. Major 7 chords have a more romantic sound compared to Dominant 7 Chords.

Major 7 Chord Formula
1 + 3 + 5 + 7

Examples of Major Seventh chords with the roots on the Low E (6th) string.

Root on 6th String

G Major7 Guitar Chord on 6th String

G Maj7

Root on 5th String

C Major7 Guitar Chord on 5th String

C Maj7

Root on 4th String

E Major7 Guitar Chord on 4th String

E Maj7

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