Open G Guitar Tuning DGDGBD

Open G tuning tunes all the guitar strings to notes from the G Major Chord. The notes used are G (root), B (3rd), and D (5th).

To tune your guitar from Standard Tuning to Open G tuning:
-drop the low E string one step down to D
-drop the A string one step down to G
-and drop the high E string one step down to D.

The order of strings from low to high should be DGDGBD.

Guitar Chords in Open G Tuning

Guitar Scales in Open G Tuning

Songs in Open G.

The Rolling Stones' Keith Richards uses open G tuning often - including in the songs "Start Me Up", "Can't You Hear Me Knockin'", "Brown Sugar" and more. Pearl Jam also have used open G tuning for songs including "Daughter".