Open D Guitar Tuning DADF♯AD

Open D tunes the guitar strings to the basic notes from the D Major Chord. The notes used are D (root) - F♯ (3rd) - A (5th).

Guitar Neck Displaying Open D Tuning

To tune to open D from standard tuning:

  • Tune the low E (6th) string one step down to D.
  • Tune the G (3rd) string half a step down to F♯.
  • Tune the B (2nd) one step down to A
  • Tune the high E (1st) string one step down to D.

Open D is a popular tuning for blues, folk, and rock genres, and works well with acoustic and electric guitars.

Open tunings use the notes from a chord so that playing all open strings play a chord. Open tunings are popular for slide guitar since a full chord can easily be played on all the guitar strings on the same fret.