Guitar Effects

Guitar effects alter the tone and sound of the guitar's signal and are usually found in pedal (stomp box) and rack mountable forms.

Volume Effects

Distortion and Overdrive
Distortion and overdive effects mimic the sound of a cranked tube amp by boosting the guitar's signal and causing the sound to "clip" which creates the distortion effect.

Compression is used to even out the over all volume of the guitar's input.

Tremolo is an effect created by the consistent alteration of the amplitude or volume of the guitar's sound signal.

Modulation Effects

Chorus effects are produced by slightly delaying a sound signal and also altering its pitch while mixing it with the original sound signal.

Flange is an effect produced by two identical signals with one of the signals slightly delayed by a time that slightly, and continually changes.

Phaser effects produce their sounds similarly to flange effects, but use phase shifting and replications of the original sound signal produce a "spacier" effect than the more natural tone of flange effects.

Delay & Reverb Effects

Delay and Echo
Delay and Echo effects repeat the guitars signal based on a time setting creating slap back and other delay and echo effects.

Reverb effects alter the guitar's sound to recreate the subtle echoes of a room or other environment.

Pitch & Filter Effects

Pitch Shifters, Octave, and Harmonizers
These guitar effects alter the pitch of the guitar's signal to create their effect.

Wah-wah pedals
Wah-wah effects filter the frequencies of the incoming guitar signal to give it a distinctive, human-like sound when rocked back and forth.