Guitar Amps

If you want to play electric guitar it's pretty obvious you're going to need a guitar amp.

There's a huge variety of guitar amps to pick from; classic amps with famous tones, to the effects equipped modeling amps with a wide variety of sounds.

Types of Guitar Amps
A Guitar Amp Guide for Beginners. Learn about the differences between Tube Amplifiers and Solid State Amplifiers for guitar.

Buying a Guitar Amp
A beginner's guide to buying a guitar amp, and amp tips to consider.

Tube Amp Tips
Tips for using guitar tube amps properly.

How to Get the Best Tone from Your Guitar Amp
For many guitarists the sound and tone of their guitar amp and set up can be a life long journey. Finding the best sound or tone is an on going process and depends a lot on the type of music you want to play.