Learn How to Play Guitar Chords

Power ChordsPower Chords
Also known as fifth chords - these guitar chords are used in many styles of rock including metal, alternative, punk, and more

A group of 3 notes that form a major or minor chord. Triads are used to create differnt types of guitar chords by stacking or repeating the same notes.

Barre ChordsBarre Chords
These guitar chords require one finger to fret a few or all the strings on the neck to form a guitar chord. The index finger is usually used to do this and enables the guitar chord to be moved up and down the neck of the guitar.

Open ChordsOpen Chords
These guitar chords use at least one open string on the guitar, meaning one or more strings are played without being fretted.

Seventh ChordsSeventh Chords
Dominant seventh and major seventh guitar chords are frequently in jazz and blues. These guitar chords use the flat 7th or 7th note from the major scale.

How to Read Guitar Chord Diagrams
Guitar Chord Diagrams help you learn different guitar chords by showing the notes used to play a guitar chord and their location on the fretboard of the guitar.

Guitar Chord Keys
Guitar Chord Keys are a group of guitar chords that sound good when played together when used in songs.

Guitar Chord Progressions
Guitar chord progressions use different combinations of guitar chords from the same key to create a song structure.